Eastpak featured

Win an Eastpak Passport Stamp Backpack

That’s right. I’m making the ultimate sacrifice and giving away my beloved Eastpak backpack which I won…


How to bag your dream job in travel marketing

People often say to me ‘you’re so lucky to work in travel marketing… I wish I could…

Icebucketchallenge featured

Why I’m Not Doing The Ice Bucket Challenge

Yesterday I was, like about half of the Earth’s population nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge. In case…


The Knee Defender: The Most Passive-Aggressive Travel Gadget Ever?

Have you ever heard of the Knee Defender? Chances are, if you’ve been following the news over…

Emerald Lake featured

Canoeing Emerald Lake (with super-happy video)

Hi there lovely readers! I’ve been very busy recently faffing about with work-related things and volunteering for…

Glacier selfie featured

Tell your #SelfieStories and Win a Holiday for 4

Selfie: Noun. A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam…

river wye

Losing it all to the River Wye

Here is a photo of the River Wye: Enjoy it while it lasts, as this is the…


A roadside stop like no other

If you’ve done some travelling in the USA, you’ll be no stranger to a quirky roadside stop….

bungee jumping whistler

VIDEO: Bungee Jumping in Whistler (warning; obscene language)

It’s not often that I’m lost for words. But that’s pretty much what happened after my bungee…

scuba diving featured image

The Significance of Finding Nemo

Recently I’ve been reminiscing a lot about past travels. Ahhh, my round the world trip. Back in…

rafting kidcking horse river

Whitewater Rafting in Golden, BC (VIDEO)

“Hold on!” shouted Mike, our river rafting guide. As we descended over our first grade 3 rapid,…

free london

London hacks: Free London (or super cheap)

London is one of the greatest cities on the planet (I should know, I live here), but…

thamesjet home

How to cure your London hangover

The long weekend is almost over, and I hope your head isn’t hurting too much today. Oh,…

Don't be a neigh sayer

Don’t be a neigh-sayer… riding is good for the soul

Some may think this is a bit lame, but hay, I’m not ashamed to admit that days…

Bedbug bites.. all in a row! (sadface)

Coping with… bed bugs

When travelling around this lovely globe of ours, you may find yourself staying in some less than…

Saona boat

Bounty adverts and pirates: A day in paradise at Isla Saona

During my recent trip to the Dominican republic, where (guilty as charged) I plumped for an all…

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